Getting to know your way around the Government.

Government Activity An introductory activity designed to help students familiarize themselves with online resources.

Monitoring the economy

Monitoring the Economy A series of ideas for activites related to Units three and four economics which require students to predict, monitor and evaluate.

Australia US Free Trade Aggreement

The following activity involves students first researching and then deciding whether or not Australia should participate in the Free Trade Agreement with the US. AUSFTA

Sources on Globalization

Global EconomyA few sample activity outlines and selection of resources which are of relevance to this new topic. Competitiveness A selection of sites relating to Australia's International Competitiveness

Researching countries and companies

Researching a Company This page provides a range of links which might prove useful for teachers and students who wish to research combines both in and out of Australia.

Researching a Country This page contains links to a selection of resources which provide information on the worlds countries. Teachers and students who are investigating the economies of other countries will find this an useful; starting point for research projects and case studies. For Australian Companies go Australian Companies

Economic RoundUps

Economic RoundUps This page is designed to provide quick access to current economic data for group work with economic students. Eg an e mail version of round robins.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange These pages are designed for a series of actvities using exchange rates.

Web Walks

Web Walks These pages offer a structured tour of selected web sites and are useful for teachers introducing students to the Internet

World Economic Surveys

World Economic Surveys This page provides links to a range of resources where students can perform their own world economic surveys.

Australian Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators This page conatins links to current sources of economic indicators and a sample activity using economic indicators. It is a shortened version of the activity in Economics section of the VCTA site.

Experimental SACs

These are parts of experimental SAC's still under development for AOS 1 where students use spreadsheet models as part of the SAC. SAC and excel workbook that goes with it. Workbook.

Test Spreadsheet

International Trade

Introduction to Trade This activity requires students to conduct an online survey and test the the theory of comparative advantage against Australia's trade relationship with the rest of the world.

Revision Activites

Revision Activities For Unit Three These pages provide a selection of revision activites for Unit Three.

IT Activities and Resources

Junior IT

The Lovemeter A manic distraction for computing students.

Image based activities This page offer a few links to pictorial resources which are available on the web.

Demo web sites