This page provides links to a range of virtual walks which illustrated classic web sites for Economics students. These are for introducing students to the content, language and navigation features of web sites. In time these tours will expand and more features will be added.
Reserve Bank of Australia A mine of current information on the economy and Monetary Policy.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics; tonnes of statistical data for economic students.

The AFR : A classic newspaper site; step through the sections and pay attention to the new Scorecard section. This section provides stacks of resources directly relevant to VCE Economics.

FordA typical company site which carries lots of information which can be used in class.

These pages are designed to show aspects of these sites and use frames. If you wish to go to these sites directly use the Homepage URL's below. Frames are good for jumping between pages of sites, but cause problems if you wish to go from a URL within an site to another site.

Welcome to the Australian Bureau of Statistics
AFR Net Services
Ford Motor Company:Global
Reserve Bank of Australia Home Page
BHP - Homepage