The list of resources show where you can find current economic data for both Australia and overseas. Three groups are covered Government sources of Economic Indicators, Business Sources and overseas of statistical data. Economic forecasting is an art. The mix of indicators you use is up to you.


(1) Decide which leading , lagged and coincident indicators you intend to use. Visit the web sites below and write down current readings, download data with your teachers permission as you think nessary.

(2) Orgasine the data. You may use a table or a graph or diagram. Use whatever method helps you understand the relationships.

(3) Identify what you think the trends are and make your predictions for the next quarters growth. Where are we in the economic cycle.

(4) Jot down the reasons for your predictions and any concerns you have about the indicators you have used to arrive at these predictions. It may help to make a note of the reasons for and evdience for trends which you rejected.

(5) Repeat this exercise at the end of the next quarter and evaluate the accuracy of your intial forevcasts. Where did you succeed and where did you fail ? What do you need to do to improve next time ?