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AAAdir World Banks - Directory of world banks -É
Economy:Companies:Financial Banks
These sites contain directories of the world's banks and a good place to look for Banks which provide global Comment. (Time Consuming) Suitable activities with the resources on this page would be;

Construct a world consensus economic forecast.

Survey the International outlook for the Australian economy : Is the Australian Economy highly regarded ?

Current economic comment on many countries can be accessed through here.


How is our debt rating going ? An index ?


The Economist
The Financial Times in the UK

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Both of these magazines provide country reports for subscribers. Usually they have a free trial period and students can log on for free for a short time.
OECD Online - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECD HOME Washington
OECD Content Online
OECD - News Release
OECD Hot File Key Economic Indicators Weekly Statistics
OECD News and Issues
OECD Economic Outlook 66 - shorter version
OECD, Paris - Year 2000 Worries Weigh on World Financial Markets

Views and Commentaries Index - 1999
News Brief Index - 1999
Australia - Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix
IMF Country Page
IMF Country Publications:Australia
CIA -- The World Factbook 1999
CIA -- The World Factbook 1999 -- Australia
US State Department - Services - Country Commercial Guides Index
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The OECD provides a lot of economic material some of the links on the left will take you directly to it. Check the size of PDF's - small ones can be downloaded and you do not need to print.



The IMF provides stacks of information relevant to Economics. Good idea to check the press releases and news section. Advisable to search their site for Australia and use the find command on your Netscape browser to find references to Australia in the article.



Standard & Poor's DRI Home Page
Price Wage projections for around the world Excellent Resource
Inside Standard & Poor's DRI Home
The Economy This Week From Standard and Poors
Includes World Economic Reviews in Summary Format Excellent Resource
Fitch IBCA : Home
Fitch IBCA : Sovereigns : Sovereign Ratings
Moody's Investors Service
Ratings Sovereign and Jobs Report Counters Signs Of A Slower Economy

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Debt rating agencies provide both sovereign ratings or country credit worthiness and much useful economic comment online. Australia: Welcome
Bloomberg International
The Dismal Scientist
The Dismal Scientist: GDP, Analysis and Business Implications
Dismal Scientist: Economic Analysis and Data for the World
Yahoo Finance or News

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These services provide current up to date news on the world's economies. Yahoo in particular provides excellent economic coverage on the world economies; accessible from Yahoo Home.
Barclays Home
Barclays Country Reports
Bank One Home
Bank One Australia
Bank One [Research] - Business Cycle Outlook
Lots of Research on US and Global Economies

Bank of America
BOA Economics
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd. Research fantastic on Asian Economies and Japan Go the American site for more info on countries.
Fuji Monthly Market News

SUMITOMOBANK -- web gate --
Interesting Reading in the light of the Financial Restructure going on in Japan
HSBC_Country / Territory Selector
Research and Market Information:HSBC Australia
Fortune Business Daily

International Markets Home
Index: International Data and Markets
Latest Economic Releases from all over the world!
Index: International Data and Markets
International Markets: Fundamental Analysis
Country background Forecasts and data International data and markets

Deutsche Bank - Leading to results

ING Barings
ING Barings Markets PlazaBriefing

Deutsche Bank - Leading to results
Deutsche Bank Research - Regions
Register and use for free
Deutsche Bank Research - Regions
Economic Monthly Financial Outlook

Wells Fargo Home
Economic Reports and Commentary
From Wells Fargo including Foreign Exchange Reports
Bank sites vary both in quality and the type of content they provide. The best ones for these activities are listed at the top of the listing. Please note a new trend where banks charge for access to research is emerging and as a result some of these sites amy no longer provide free coverage.
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