These pages provides links to a range of resources from lessons plans to examination boards which may prove of interest to teachers. A new section containing teaching tools has been added as well as one containing economic calenders. In addition a number of useful economic resources for teachers have been included.

This pages contains links to general educational resources which may be useful to teachers. Here you will find links to SofWeb and it's counterpart in New South Wales, other commercial sites of interest to teachers as well as a range of links on teaching methods and Learning theory.

This page contains a range of resources which deal with teaching economics directly. Here you can find online lesson plans and classroom resources as well as directions for their use.

This section carries links to a range of Internet resources which will prove useful to some teachers who wish to incorporate the Internet into their actual lessons and lesson preparation. It also contains links to Business related mailing lists and selected other resources which can assist economic teachers.

This page carries a growing list of both National and International economic Calenders. This can be useful for teachers who wish to incorporate prediction pieces into their teaching.

Here you will find a wide range of links to sites which carry articles written by the world's economists on a range of contemporary economic issues. The material here is more appropriate to teachers rather than students and often has an academic flavour. From time to time many of articles here contain useful tables of statistics on current issues as well as current perspective's on hot topics in Economic Theory.