These resources may prove useful for teachers who wish to move their classes online and who wish to receive current news updates on a regular basis. They are also useful for teachers who wish to run e mail activities in their classes. Teachers in the Government system can also use the Department's e mail accounts which it has set up for all Government school students.
Personalized web Pages
Over recent times more and more Internet services allows subscribers to customize their web pages.

Excite allows subscribers to use it's customized news search features and this can be very handy for students who are doing research projects on current topics. It allows students to gather articles on a current issue quickly and easily. Yahoo and Netscape offer similar services.

Netscape Net Center

Netscape Net Center Inbox direct service allows to teachers to receive daily e mails from all over the world. Here Teachers can subscribe to the online versions of Financial Times in London, Business Times in Singapore, The Australian Financial Review, The Age The Sydney Morning Herald. Secondly Info Tech provides daily updates of world closing prices for most major commodities and markets along with brief roundUps of the days events. These can often prove useful resources for classroom activities.

Teachers who wish to turn their economic classes into online communities may find the following services useful. Yahoo and Hotmail allow students to create e mail accounts and these accounts can be then put on a mailing list. Students can access the accounts from both at home and at school. Generally I have found Yahoo e -mail accounts are fast enough for students to use in group activities in the classroom; Hotmail appears to be too slow for this purpose.

Yahoo! Get your own e mail account at Yahoo

START - Australia's First FREE Web-Based E-mail Provides free web mail accounts for subscribers - Home

This provides a free mailing list, the ability to set up and control chat rooms as well as run online surveys and a public access area where you can store files etc for mailing list members. This service is ideal for teachers who wish to move their classes online and provide tutorial support to students outside of class hours. It also allows students to regularly communicate with each other about economics while doing their homework.


This site offers free mail list services and is quite useful for developing class mailing lists


Beseen's Bulletin board
Fairfax Teachers can also sign to a wide range of current news services directly from Fairfax. These include the Sydney Morning Herald News Alert service, The Age desktop ticker and more. todaymail Log-in Today is Farifaxes new online service.The Sydney Morning Herald Subscribe to a daily e mail news alert from the SMH Setting-up the Age desktop ticker
Welcome to

Quicken have recently set up in Australia and provide a free e mail newsletter containing stock tips for Australian Investors

Atlantic Unbound | The Atlantic Monthly

The Atlantic Monthly regularly publishes articles by the world leading economists on a range of current issues. Join their weekly e mail update and keep track of what the experts think. Homepage

Policy .com is another US thin tank which carries a lot of economic analysis and reportage. They provide a weekly e mail update service which may be of interest to some teachers.

Join The Brookings Alert

The Brookings Institute in the US carries a great deal of current economic commentary an analysis. You join mailing list ad receive weekly e mails informing you of new resources and articles available on their site.

Prime Minister of Australia - Media Centre

Join the PM's e mail list and receive e mail transcripts of the PM's radio and other interviews and speeches etc.

The E-Mail Currency Update Service(tm)

Xenon Laboratory provides a free update currency service and will send you an e mail currency table of your choice updated each day. Very useful for classroom activities. The same site also offers free currency services for exporters and imports as well as

The Dismal Scientist List Server

Sign Up for e mail links to the latest US economic releases from the Dismal Scientist