Australian Economic Calenders

International Economic Calenders

This page provide access to a range of economic calenders from all over the world. These calenders are useful for planning classroom prediction pieces and activities around the release of key economic statistics. Some calenders come complete with forecasts and comment and some include key statistical releases from all over the world. Global calenders and the reaction of Australian markets to overseas economic releases are fruitful area's of study for those teachers who wish to emphasise the inter relationship between the Australian Economy and the rest of the world. From time to time insitutions change the URL's of their calenders so the link to the Home page of each insitution has been included so you can still find these calenders when the direct links may not work.

Westpac Monthly Westpac

Offers a monthly economic calender covering Australia, the US, Europe and Japan. This is an excellent resource and includes stats for the previous period as well as Westpac forecasts for each statistic. The Westpac calender is available as an PDF file.

Colonial Limited:

The Colonial State bank monthly calender provides details of Australian key statistical releases, key dates for New Zealand and the US. Appropriate forecasts are also included on the calender. It is available as a PDF file.

Commonwealth Bank
Commonwealth Bank Australia

The Commonwealth provides both an monthly Australian and an Asian Economic Calender. The Asian Calender covers key releases for both Japan , South East Asian Economies and China, while the Australian version includes key releases for Australia ,the US and Europe. This is available as an PDF file.

National Financial Calender
National Bank Australia

Calender covers Australia, the US and Europe and includes past and actual stats. Viewable online.

Australian Investment Services An Australian Monthly Calender online which includes major ÜS economic releases as well.

Tulips and Bears Calender
Tulips and Bears

Economics Calender for emerging markets, US Canada and the UK and developed Nations. It also provides details of an earnings Calender and stock split calender. More Calenders are available for subscribing members Viewable online and are daily, weekly monthly Developed Nations includes Asian, Australian and Scandinavian Economies.

Economeister Global Event calender
Covers key releases and meetings for the globe. Usually runs over two or three days and is viewable online.
STA WITH Forecasts
STA provide a world weekly economic Calender with actual and median forecasts and actual releases includes Australia. STA also provide a timeline of important Agricultural prices which will be released over t
he week ahead.Agricultural Week Ahead
Yahoo!/Briefing Economic Calendar
Yahoo !

This Monthly calender focuses on the US . It however includes very interesting data; actual forecasts, market expectations , past and actual results for key economic and financial statistics. It also includes links to the Home pages and explanatory material on each series covered. An excellent resource for teachers interested in pursuing global economic forcasting.

BTM's Economic Research Products
The Bank of Tokyo and Mitsubishi New York

Provides a 12 month US economic calender including Australia. An excellent poster on the wall of a classroom for keeping track of Global economic developments/

The Shirmeyer Report: Economic Calendar October 1999
Shirmeyer Report

Shirmeyer Report Monthly US economic Calender with dates only of key statistical releases Viewable Online.

Economic Calendar - The Dismal Scientist
The Dismal Scientist

The Dismal Scientist Calender provides dates and details of key economic statistics for the US with actual current and consensus forecasts of key economic stats.