The following pages contains links to the working paper lists and discussion paper lists of a range of Australian Tertiary Institutions. Many of these papers can be downloaded as a PDF's file or viewed online. In each case the URL for the Home Page as well as the Archive has been included for each institution. This is so if the location of paper on the server changes it will be an easy matter to find the new location of the appropriate papers. These resources are generally too difficult for students however many teachers may find them useful and stimulating reading. Generally teachers who are looking for current comment on Macro Economic performance would be better of viewing the monthly reports available online from Bank Economists. Government Departments and the Research Papers 1998-99 (Australian Parliamentary Library - Information and Research Services) are also excellent sources of current material on economic issues. Teachers however who are seeking current material on Income distribution, issues in Financial economics and trade related matters will find a plentiful supply in the discussion and working papers of many Economics department. The collections which I find most relevant to Secondary Economics are in the left hand column while those which may carry much worthwhile material but are not directly relevant are in the other columns. I have put in some page links to make it easier for teachers to find material however the classifications are very loose. Insitutions usually sponsor research on a wide range of topics which are not neatly encapsulated by any one heading. This organisation in no way reflects on the quality of material in each collection but is simply a matter of convenience for teachers in a hurry. Teachers interested in the research output of Australian Economics Departments will find these rated at Theoretical Research Institute .
Melbourne Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research

Melbourne Institute carries a lot working papers on income distribution especially the ones written by Dr Elizabeth Webster which will be of great interest to teachers. It also carries quite a few papers on current issues directly related to the course which teachers may find interesting. Well worth a browse. Working papers are listed in the publications section at Publications of MIAESR , a listing of working papers may be found at Melbourne Institute Working Paper Series , current working papers may be found at 1997-1999 MIAESR Working Paper Series and recent material at Latest Melbourne Institute Releases

Melbourne University Economics Department

A selection of the departments working papers are available in PDF format at abstract99 and papers of Current Working papers while others are only available after written application to the secretary of the Department at Melb Economic Working Papers .. There are some papers of topical interest to teachers however generally these papers have a theoretical focus which si not directly relevant to Secondary Economics

Australian National University

Faculty of Economics and Commerce ANU

Economics Division, Home Page

ANU carries a wide range of material which will prove of interest to teachers, especially in it's various research centres. ANU's ANU Centre for Economic Policy Research has long produced a great series of discussion papers on Current Australian Macro Economic Issues. Some are not available online but can ordered via the web site at CEPR Discussion Papers for $10.00 each while others can be found at CEPR Discussion Papers.

An Economists Toolbox An introduction to Economic Tools of Analysis (Graphs ect ) for University students at ANU.

The ANU also has a range of working papers on economic development with a strong focus on Asia these are available at National Centre for Development Studies homepage and can be downloaded from Asia Pacific Press working papers in development studies, while more recent papers can be found at Asia Pacific Press new online papers . These contain a wide range of Working papers on Management Economic Development, Trade and Development, China and Economic Governance.

A range of papers on more theoretical issues can be downloaded from the department at Working Papers in Economics and Econometrics 1999 while the contents section of it's current journal Agenda can be viewed online at Agenda, A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform.

Other working papers of interest from ANU are Working Papers in Trade and Development ANU , from the Department and other papers Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management homepage . Of further interest to teachers will be the EEP or ANU Ecological Economics Program and some papers can be found at EEP Working Paper Series . ANU also maintains a centre for research into Aboriginal affairs at CAEPR Home Page and some material is available as Issue Briefs

University of Canberra

National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, University of Canberra This centre focuses on research into income distributional questions and both the few PDF's available for download as Conference Papers:NATSEM PDF"S , New Publications NATSEM PDF's and Discussion Papers:NATSEM fill a resources shortage for VCE economics. Many teachers should visit the Income Distribution Report: NAtSEM subscription Page and the NATSEM Publications Those with substantial budgets may well find it useful to purchase some of these publications.

The Management Department at Canberra University also offers a selection of papers on Macro Economic issues relevant to VCE Economics at Working Papers in Economics . These are availbale in html format.

Adelaide University Economics Department provides a range of links of interest to teachers.

CERC Home Page China Economy Research Centre offers a range of current working papers on interesting aspects of Chinese Economic Development.See CERC Publications

Centre for International Economic Studies (CIES) This centre offers heaps of papers on international economies, economics of transition WTO and trade issues at CIES Publications The Centre also offers Discussion papers and a newsletter at CIES NEWSLETTER Files area available in PDF format.

The Adelaide Labour Studies Web Server Adelaide carries a good set of Labour Economics links Centre for Labour Studies Information Links and the following report YAP report Jobs for Young Australians Social Justice Research Foundation


The University of Newcastle supports the Asia Pacific Centre - For Human Resource & Development Studies which offer a range of papers Focusing Human Rights Issues relevant to Trade available at Asia Pacific Centre - Working Papers

UNSW School of Economics Home Page This school offers a wide range of papers available in PDF format available at School of Economics, UNSW, Discussion Papers 1999 .The The Australian Journal of Management can be accessed from this site and has some article from the current issue available for download at Australian Journal of Management -- Current Issue

Social Policy Research Centre:NSW This site has a political economy focus and will include lots of articles on Social questions including Income distribution. These will be available at SPRC Discussion Papers

The Department of Economics Home Page 2000 This site carries a range of interesting papers Range articles some interesting ones on International Capital flows and exchange rate volatility available in PDF format from Working Papers in Economics - 1999 Series .The University also offers a section on Political Economy; Sydney University which has a great set of links to progressive sites on the Internet Also available from Sydney is Welcome to APRIM which has a great section of links on APEC

Victoria University Department of Applied Economics carries links to a very inteeresting subscrition based trade data research service. Worth a browse.

School of Economics and Finance University of Western Australia. This site offers a collection of papers on the West Australian Economy and Macro issues available at Discussion Papers Index WA Univ Economics.

Macquarie University, Department of Economics, Home Page The Macquarie Centre for Japanese Economic Research contains a series of papers on Japan which some teachers may find interesting. The Macquarie Graduate School of Management and in particular the Macquarie Centre for Money and Banking contains an archive of downloadable papers dealing with the activities of Australian Banks at CMBF Papers Page 1 . Lastly course Unit Home Pages can be viewed at Macquarie Unit Home Pages Macquarie University

Working papers - 1999 Deakin

These papers have an theoretical focus but some interesting articles on Third World Economies and the Economics of Law

School of Economics Home Page University of Tasmania. The Department offers a range of papers in PDF format on Macro and other current Issues available at 1998 Discussion Papers. Teachers may also find interesting the CREA Homepage University of Tasmania Centre for Regional Modelling . It also contains links to Australian Options which contains a few Socially progressive resources.

Latrobe University La Trobe Univ. Sch. of Business - Business News Homepage provides access to a range of articles from finance to Environmental Economics at La Trobe Univ. Sch. of Business - DP List 1999. The articles are available in PDF format.

Monash University offers a range of a papers through it's Centre of Policy Studies and the Impact Project which are available at CoPS: Latest Working Papers

Welcome to the Evatt Foundation

Hot Discussion Papers:From the Evatt Foundation A range of articles on topical issues from a Progressive perspective.

ANU Economics Department carries John Quiggin's Home page . This provides access to both newspaper and academic articles written by Professor Quiggin. LaborNet also provides links to work by Quiggin and Langmore. Teachers looking for alternative perspective's on current issues will find these resources useful both for themselves and in the classroom in some cases.Library Catalog: Work for all (Langmore, John; Quiggin, John)

Australian Institute of Management Provides some material but Salary Survey News Update may be of interest to some teachers


Murdoch Centre for Labour Studies Murdoch's Centre for Labour Market Research contains a whole swag of Labour Market discussion papers on topical issues

Flinders University Economics Flinders University NILS Menu National Insititute of Labour Studies . Offers a range of resources on Labour market issues Discussion Paper & Executive Monograph Series and at Working Paper Series NILS

Centre for Research on Employment and Work Griffith University Here you can see the details of publications but must pay and order offline


Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation home page This institute carries a lot of material which will be of interest to rural economics teachers. It contains heaps of research papers and reports, a newsletter and a lot of material on International Competitiveness. Available at Index of research reports; rural Industries Research and Development Corporation


The University of New England Economics-UNE provides a range of papers with an agricultural focus at SES- Working Papers and through Graduate School of Agricultural & Resource Economics it offers GSARE Working Papers .


The University of Queensland maintains a Centre for Australian Financial Institutions which offers an interesting section of papers on the Australian Financial system at 98 research

Economics and Finance Home Page:RMIT offer a range of papers dealing with financial issues at

Working Paper Series in Economics and FinanceRMIT available in PDF format.

University of Technology Sydney carries a range of papers. From Quantitative Finance Research Group at UTS, Australia there a range of papers on technical Financial questions. From the department the papers have a Micro Economic Focus Working Papers University of Technology Sydney and Working Paper Database

The School of Finance and Business Economics Homepage Edith Cowan University. Here you will find lots of working papers with a strong financial focus.

School of Economic & Finance:Curtin There is not a lot of current material available from this site. Curtin maintains an IRIC Curtin Institute for Research into International Competitiveness where discussion papers can be ordered at the cost of $10.00 per copy. The Department offers a range of papers in html format with a strong focus on Financial Economics at Economics & Finance Working Papers Series . Teachers however may be more interested in the online teaching materials and course support web pages at WWW-Supported Units at the School of Economic & Finance