The collection of resources on this page deal with foreign exchange and focus on the Australian dollar. Here you will find links to delayed and current AUD quotes, analysis and commentary on the AUD as well as historical data and links to the views of the official institutions who regulate the world financial system

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Currency Table Quick Foreign Exchange Resources
Currency Converter This page offers a selection of Fx resources and is designed for students in a hurry.
Fx News Current Quotes and News
OANDA FX Trading Game This page offers links to sites which carry exchnage rate quotes and commentary from all over the world.
Search Yahoo! News for Economics Australian Bank Commentaries
This page list various Australian Banks sites which offer currency commentary. These resources focus on the Australian Dollar.
International Bank Commentaries
Here you will find links to a selection of International banks who offer global analysis of currency movements and who also usually cover the Australian Dollar.
Official Commentary
The above page links to institutions associated with country and global governance. This includes the IMF and the OECD as well Australian institutions such as the Reserve Band and Treasury which regularly offer analysis of current currency movements.
Investment Banks
This page carries links to a selection of Global finance companies. These companies such as Arthur And er son are frequently quoted in the Australian press and while they may not comment on currencies directly they do offer a corporate perspective on global is at ion which may be of interest to some teachers.
Historical Data and Charts
These sites provides access to currency charts generally as well as historical time series exchange rate data.
Fx sites for Travellers
These Fx sites directed at the average overseas traveller. They show retail exchange rates which are suffice to say much worse than the inter bank rates quoted on financial sites.
Commercial Fx sites
Here you will find links to a wide range of commercial dedicated Fx sites. Generally these sites offer services to subscribers only and these include advice, real time online trading and data flows. On this page you will also find links to companies which sell real time financial data and a selection of sites which offer advice on Fx trading.
Fx Magazines
The magazines collected here cover futures and derivative trading generally as well as how they apply to currencies. Of particular interest are the magazines dealing with the management of financial risk and the ones offering both educational materials as well as updates on the latest forms of financial fraud and trading tactics.
Fx Futures
This page contains links to a range of sites which offer futures quotes on the AUD. These can be very useful for revealing trends and market sentiment towards the AUD in times of crisis.
These sites offer collections of links to the worlds foreign exchange sites. They are particularly useful if you are pursuing an obscure currency topic.