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This page carries links to a range of places which carry comment on this years budget. These usually remain available throughout the year. At this time of year the major newspapers carry great coverage on the budget. Teachers can easily keep these articles for use with students later in term three. It is advisable to grab them now as papers may remove these resources from their web sites.

Make sure you scroll down and see all the resources.

Lost and Bewildered ? Try the Parliamentary libraries excellent commentary on the Budget. This is the background briefing given to our politicians. If they can understand, you don't have any problems !

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ABC Online News - Budget 2000
Aunty does it again great source of news on the Budget 2000. Check The 7.30 Report
Lateline. Australian Broadcasting Corp.
The AGE The Age - Budget
SMH.com.au - Budget Night 2000
- smh.com.au - Federal Budget 2000
The Australian Financial Review Website
AFR Budget 2000 index
Growth to power ahead
High hopes receive low response
Budget scrutiny as $A falls
BUSINESS COMMENTS These business consulting firms provide accesible pdf's on the budget.
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PricewaterhouseCoopers: Australia: Home
PWC Australian Federal Budget 2000
Ernst & Young Australia Federal Budget Brief
Paterson Ord Minnett Budget Response
Baillieu news reports
Merrill Lynch Research - Overview Global Economic Trends pdf
CPA OnlineMedia Releases Frameset CPA Budget
$2.8bn cash surplus
$562m regional health package
$501m Fuels Sales Grants Scheme
$309m Agriculture - Advancing Australia
$240m Stronger Families and Communities Srategy
$100m more for Defence
$32m for Vietnam veterans
$100m in new funding for East Timor

Economic forecasts
Real GDP 3.75%
Employment 2.25%
Unemployment 6.25%
Average wages 4.25%
Ongoing inflation 2.5%
ABC News - 08/05/00 : Treasurer promises to l...
The Age: Budget overlooks small business
The Age: Budget show is a repeat episode
The Age: Budget moves on blood and military
The Age: Moore confirms army spending
$5.6 billion swipe at Budget - smh.com.au...
AFR Markets Budget likely to lack visionont>
AFR Markets- Falling US jobless puts more pressure on the Fedont>
AFR Markets Chance of 25-point rise becomes less than 50-50ont>
AFR News Costello's Budget goes bushont>
AFR Update Budget finalised but last minute requests come in>
AFR Update Nationals warn government on budget>
AFR Update Business conditions deteriorate further in April, NAB survey>
AFR Updat Costello says Budget will be honest>
AFR Update$A down more than half a US cent at close on soft data>
The Age: Employers call for Budget tax breaks
Taxpayers want good management, not big spending: Costello
'No ABN' earns Costello's black mark - Budget structure under fire
Honey, I shrank the $10bn surplus - smh.com.au
Treasurer slips on a banana republic peel
Economists cite pain in GST gain
BT Online - Aussie Budget targets well being
How the Government is struggling to manage the economy
Australian Department of Finance and Administration (DOFA)
Commonwealth Budget Group
Department of the Treasury Web Service
The budget whip around. How did various interest groups react ? The what's in it for me list of links ?
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