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    International News Services

    These links take you to a range of global online news providers.

    World Financial News

    These services generally provide world market updates and current news clippings. They vary however in their emphasis. Most provide reasonably current data on world stockmarkets and Financial affairs for more sources see my international markets page.

    Regional Indexes


    Great Britain



    • The Times - London, free registration, includes Higher Education Supplement
    • The Guardian - United Kingdom
    • The BBC online; this includes features and audio tapes of the BBC world service. A fantastic resource with well written background articles.
    • The Economist Teachers should note that the economist often carries excellent student briefs on economic issues. Economist country reports are extremely useful resources and these can be ordered at reasonable rates online. Simply go to the economist e mail them and negotiate a price. The site also allows free viewing of a great deal of current economic material. Subscribers can get material for free.
    • NI Home Page The New Internationalist.
    • Oxford News Commentary



    Asia General




    Hong Kong







    The Philippine Star










    • Taiwan - headlines, daily news in English and Big5



    New Zealand

    Papua New Guinea