The following is a list of selected Central Banks. Central Banks such as our Reserve Bank are great places to find reasonably current economic statistics and they are also great places for comments on current economic events. Hard as it might be for you to believe that Monetary Policy is exciting or that it might affect people, if you examine interest rates in Indonesia , Brazil or Russia you may want to ask yourself what happens to car ownership or house ownership in these countries ? Do Monetary Policy and Financial crises really affect a countries standard of living ? If you are feeling particularly energetic you may wonder what could this possibly mean for a country like Australia ? The list of banks is not complete but I have selected the most topical ones. The best Central Bank resource on the Internet for absolutely everybody is Mark Bernhoff's Central Banks of the World -- Central Banking Resource Center another shorter list is Yahoo! Business and Economy:Finance and Investment:Banking:Central Banks . Mark Bernhoff's site also contains an excellent directory of economic resources which economic students may find useful as well. The banks are organized loosely by region. Students may also find helpful information at BIS: Central Banks on the World Wide Web the Bank of International Settlements or try EMEAP FRAME VERSION the executive meeting of East Asian Central Banks.



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