Budget 2001-2002

Budget Perspectives

Check the press release and What's new section of these sites. They often contain the organizations views on the Budget.
The Australian Industry Group
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)
Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI)
Australian Business Home Page
Business Council of Australia Web Page
The Business Centre:Telstra
National Business Bulletin - Home Page This site focuses on Small Business.
Employers' Federation General Information Page
Choice - Home Page Australian Consumers Association
Organized Labour
LaborNet Home Page
Welcome to the ACTU
The New Australian news magazine
News Weekly Conservative view of the Budget
Welfare Organisations
Welcome to the Brotherhood of St Laurence
Political Parties
The Australian Democrats
Australian Labor Party
The Liberal Party of Australia
Rural Sector
National Farmers Federation
ABC Rural News
Property Sector
Australian Real Estate Online [property.com.au]
Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV)
Australian Building News
Economic Sites
CEDA Economic Council for the Development of Australia.
Access Economics Home Page
Other Industries
Australian Medical Association Home Page
Australia - your centre for global financial services in the Asia-Pacific
Australian Financial Markets Association

Overseas Budgets

The 2001-02 Budget Hong Kong Budget Latest from the SAR.
Ministry of Finance Budget 2001 Singapore
Details of the UK Budget from Insitute of Fiscal Studies
UK Treasury
Japanese Budget
Bank of Japan (English)
Financial Services Agency JapanBudget;Japan
Ministry of FinanceDetails of Japan' attempts to stave of economic ruin and debt sapped financial sector.
US Budget

Bush goes for tax cuts see the outlines and speeches atOffice of Management and Budget 2002 US Budget and at the Whitehouse:latest on US Budget Congressional Budget Office Home Page Details and Reports on The US BudgetCenter on Budget and Policy Priorities Private OrganisationHouse Congress Budget portal Current NewsThe Economy on CBS Marketwatch See NewsFinderCapitol report on US BudgetBudget reports NationalJournal.comThe Economic Report of the President

Budget Downloads

The Commonwealth Budget 2000-2002The Federal Governments gateway to Budget download sites. Budget Statements 1 and 2 and the Treasurer's speech can be downloaded here. Budget statement number one the economic overview and economic outlook contains an excellent summary table of economic statistics and forecasts.
Need past Budgets go Commonwealth Budgets Treasury Publications
If these sites are busy try the alternatives:
The Commonwealth Budget 2001-2002 ATO
The Commonwealth Budget 2001-2002DFAT
The Commonwealth Budget 2001-2002 Finance
The Commonwealth Budget 2001-2002 APH
Parliamentary Library

Monthly Economic and Social Indicators (MESI) Index Usually offers a comprehensive review of the budget in fairly straight forward language.

News Stories

These pages carry a range of links to resources on this years budget. They allow teachers to access newspapers articles, comment by a range of interest and pressure groups as well as the comment made by people overseas.

BRW.com.au - Budget 2001 Synopsis
BRW.com.au - Budget 2001
smh.com.au - Budget Night 2001
Costello gets a big tick from big end of town...
The Age - Federal Budget 2001
The Age: Costello's giveaway election budget


Selected Budget Activities Budget Activities Data Organisers

These activites are designed to link the Budget and Unit Three. A version without typo's will appear shortly at the VCTA

Budget Resources for classes and for students

Teachers should note that many of the newspapers offer webcasts and other online video resources which can be played to students using a data show. If you have video editing software then you can cut and paste and insert your graphs and comments. An excellent resource for students on Budgetary Policy is The Commonwealth Budget 2001-2002 highlights and from the same source the Budget Overview and economic Outlook at The Commonwealth Budget 2001-2002]

Newspaper Specials

The following newspapers offer spectacular Budget Coverage;
Financial Review - Budget 2001 The AFR 's coverage is for subscribers only however some schools do have subscriptions and while sometimes difficult the AFR offers excellent economic commentary on the budget.
News Corporation; offers excellent coverage and a special student section which offers a budget bonanza. Budget Watch: news45 Budget watch
The Age offers excellent commentary and usually a summary of opinions
SMH offers an excellent budget roundUp as well with a diverse range of views presented.
BRW Offers good coverage on the Budget and Ed Shann and Don Stammer usually mention it in their weekly economic columns. Robert Gottliebsen views can be read, seen on video or heard using audio at Business Daily
Aunty will not let you down. Reports are available in Video, text and audio. Go the ABC Budget Special at ABC Budget Special or ABC News and try Economy. Lateline.
Yahoo! Full Coverage:Australian Economy
Regularly updated news reports and excellent on the day after the budget.

Bank Perspectives

Westpac, the ANZ and the National produce Budget summaries and comment which are usually quite useful in the classroom. Subscribers can access the same from the Commonwealth.
ANZ Economics
National Bank;Nab Markets
Westpac Economics


Australian Conservation Foundation
The Wilderness Society

Overseas newspapers

International Herald Tribune
BBC News Online
FT.com |
The Business Times Singapore
Dismal Scientist
Bloomberg.com.au Australia:

Foreign Banks

Banc One Capital Markets,
Morgan Stanley
Welcome to Bank of America
Welcome to ABN AMRO

Finance Firms

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
PricewaterhouseCoopers: Australia: Home
Ernst & Young Australia Federal Budget Brief
Paterson Ord Minnett Budget Response
Baillieu news reports
Merrill Lynch Research - Overview Global Economic Trends pdf
CPA OnlineMedia Releases Frameset CPA Budget