The following institutions provide regular economic forecasts. In the case of Banks these forecasts are found in major economic reports- Monthly and quarterly round ups and statistics for recent forecasts are usually found in current commentary produce by the banks at the time the statistics were released. NB you will need an Adobe PDF reader in order to view many of the Banks publications.

Regular Forecasts

Occasional Forecasts

International Forecasts

Global Bank Forecasts

US Forecasts

Japanese Forecasts

Key Central Banks




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  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Home) Commentaries available in PDF Format The News and Information section on section on the Comsec site contains daily and weekly summaries form the Commonwealth. These often contain Economic Forecasts.
  • ANZ Home Often publish forecasts with reports on major events such as the budget. These are usually found in Economic Briefs and Economic Research, The site offers arguably the most comprehensive Australianeconomic research available on the Internet. Students should read their Jobs Ads series and the ANZ Economic outlook. These contain heaps of forecasts.The ANZ also publishes an Economic Snapshot which is an excellent brief reference on the Australian Economy. It also contains their forecasts.
  • Westpac The Westpac forecasts can be accessed through their Westpac Updates section and includes a commodity forecast. Most files are available in PDF. Westpac publishes an Economic Calender, equity,commodity property reviews and forecasts. All of these have their uses in the classroom. Westpac weekly economic update often carries forcasts as well.
  • National Australia Bank Home Choose the Business tab then News and Information link on the NAB home page and this will direct you to the section of the NAB site that offers their daily weekly and other economic surveys. These usually contain economic forecasts and discussions of the policy implications of current economic trends. There are many publications accessible from this page that teachers may find useful for dealing with topical issues. They also contain a section offering the latest statistics from the ABS. These offer current data and comment on Australia's economic performance and are very useful for Unit three Economics. Teachers should note that NAB MARKETS website only allows customers to access their research.
  • Access Access Economics do not make a great deal of information available online, however samples and summaries of some of their recent publications can sometimes be found. Teachers will find many of the sample consultancy reports interesting examples of practical economics at work.
  • Treasury Treasury regularly print their economic forecasts both the Budget papers see Budget Statement Number two for a comprehensive table outlining their forecasts for the year ahead. This table is also published in the Budget Overview. All these documents can be downloaded from the Government's Budget site. Forecasts are regularly updated in economic roundup and in the National economic and fiscal outlook available from the budget site. Quarterly updates are often found in Economic Round Up now published online in the Business Section of the treasury site. Economic Publications
  • Macquarrie Macquarries produce an equities report and a foreign currency report. These can be found at Macquarrie Insitutions and Government Teachers who wish to use the Macquarrie site will find it easier to access their report through the site search engine rather than through the above link. Most Macquarrie reports require users to log in, however many may be accessed without logging in via the search engine.
  • ForSeechange. com is a private consulting company that makes it forecasts available in the form of powerpoint presentations for the public. The site contains many interesting examples of applied statistics that teachers may find interesting. For example attempts to predict lifestyle changes.

The institutions listed below occasionally publish economic forecasts in their economic commentary on an irregular basis. Many of these institutions will publish forecasts in the regular commentary around the time of major economic events such as the Budget.

  • Adelaide Bank
  • Bank SA See their capital markets section for monthly reports and daily economic updates. They produce a short overnight report on the Australian Dollar that teachers may find useful.
  • BankWest Offer a wide range of economic Reports and some forecasts in the Economics Section of their site. This section runs of the Business link on their home page.
  • St George Home St George produce Monthly Economic Reports and a Morning Report of overnight developments. These may contain some forecasts.
  • ABARE Homepage ABARE currently publish a global economic and Australian economic overview as well as detailed commodity forecasts.Rural Teachers will find the Agricultural forecasts particulary relevant to pupils in their schools. Beef, Wheat and Woll forecasts are available for download.

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  • OECD Home The OECD 's Economic Outlook contains both global and National Economic Forecasts. Frequently the OECD's preliminary estimates may be downloaded for free and comment and statistics on these issues are available on their website. The OECD's produces a leading composite inidcator for OECD countries and this provides an interesting basis for discussion of how global economic trends may impact on the Australian Economy. Teachers should check the Economics and Statistics sections for these materials. Use the Browse menu on the OECD home page to find these resources.
  • IMF Check the IMF's world economic survey and country reports. These contain commentary and forecasts on the Australian and Global Economies. Most current may be found here IMF Publications Teachers may also find useful material in the bi weekly IMF survey and the speeches produced by IMF economists.
  • United Nations Home The United Nations provides a great deal of material on the world economy check the links that follow.
  • UN Reports on the World Economy|UN Economic and Social Development Page | United Nations Statistics
  • The World Bank also offers some forecasts online however the material here is not easily accessible to students. The Macro Economics section of its site offer many articles on issues in growth tha teachers will find interesting. Parts of the WB Global Economic Prospects publication may be accessed online and offer economic outlook statements. Useful because they inlcude a wide range of economies.

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  • Citibank Asia Scroll down the Home Page and choose the Market Outlook section. This contains excellent articles on regional economies and economic updates often contain forecasts for Australia. This is an excellent source for current information on our major trading partners in our geographical region.
  • Bank of America Home a comprehensive section dealing with all the world major economies often includes forecasts . Go Bank of America >About Bank of America and examine the options. The bank publishes its Economic Projections each week and a global economic review. The research in some sections is infrequently updated and hence users need to check the dates.
  • JP Morgans Home JP Morgans provides a global economic overview which sometimes includes Australia .Go GEF Teachers can access the GEF in the About Morgan Stanley section of the websote.
  • Citibank Home Citibank offers a global economic Commentary and a foreign currency section. These reports are accessible through the US site in the resaerch section Global Corporate Banking - Citicorp
  • BankOne offers a broad range of economic research online most of which can be accessed through theoir research and education section.
  • Barclays They provide edited highlight of their global economic research,often out of date. Try Barclay's Business banking > Reports and Surveys. Here you will also find economic reports on UK industries.
  • Salomon Barney This site provides a global equities round up and contains a section on currencies and a one page overview of the global economy. More detailed research is available if users register.
  • Teachers may access a broader range of international bank commentaries in the Foreign Exchange section of this site.

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  • Financial Forecast Centre This is a comprehensive site containing a huge range of economic forecasts. They range from short to long term and cover growth, through currencies to the major equity indicies.
  • Wells Fargo The Wells Fargo site carries a US economic outlook commentary. Users will find access to economic research from the Home Page if you choose Commercial>Market Commentary. More Investment focused commentary is available from Wells Capital Management
  • Washington State office Forecast Council This site contains forecasts for the US economy in PDF format.
  • National Bureau for Economic Research. This is one of the best US Economy sites on the internet. It offers data and soem forecasts. The proceedings of the US Business Cycle dating committee are reported here and official declarations of recessions and booms are made in the NBER reporter. Useful for teachers and a useful source of data on the US economy for some students.
  • Bureau Economic Analysis Great source of statistics on the US economy if you ant some background.
  • Dismal Scientist an excellent site for current economic affairs but unfortunately it requires users to subscribe for an annual rate of $400 plus US. In time this may become affordable if the AUD continues to rise.

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