Here you will find a wide range of resources dealing with income distribution and social policy in Australia. Covering

Aboriginal Issues

This page has a short lis of resources which are directly relevant to Income Districubtion in Australia.

Income Distribution
General Poverty and Welfare
Older Australians
These pages contains links to a range of resoures which contain current statistics and comment on Income distribution in the US. These pages contain links to resources which relate to Income Distribution in various countries. There are quite a few resources here which cover Thrid World poverty and related issues.

These sites provide links to resources all over the world which focus specifically on poverty, welfare and issues related to Income Distribution.

Here you will find a list of think tanks both Australian and Internaional which carry comment and economic analysis from many diferent points of view on how to improve the Income Distribution in the modern world.

Contains links to current readings and interesting resources on distribution.